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Coffee: Acidic to Bitter - What's the Deal?

Coffee: Acidic to Bitter - What's the Deal?

Have you ever tried a coffee and thought “oh that’s bitter”? Or maybe you have sensitivity to acidic foods and coffee has made you react from the acidity? 

This is actually a quite common problem people have when they ask us what blend of coffees we would suggest so it made sense to write a blog to explain why this is probably the case for most coffees that might be too acidic or bitter for you.

Although there’s always exceptions to the rule, most of the time the roasted beans have these attributes that you might not like is because of the level of roast that you’re getting!

And it’s actually quite the easy fix!

If you were to put roast levels on a scale from lightest to darkest, you would also accompany more acidic to more bitter with that.

When a bean is lightly roasted and still not fully developed, it carries a high level of acidity with it. With this being said, the light roasts also do not yet have any bitterness. 

The longer the bean roasts, the less acidic it becomes and actually eventually trends towards becoming more bitter, the darker it gets roasted. 

This is the reason that you will see “well balanced” on most medium roasts, because it simply is a balanced combination of the two. 

So in short, simply, if the coffee you drink is too acidic for you, try something a little darker. And on the flip side, if you take a sip and can’t get the bitterness out of your mouth, maybe try something a little lighter!

It’s truly all up to personal preference and finding what kind of roast you like best! It’s always worth a shot to try a new or different roast and see if you might like something a little bit lighter or darker!

Keep on adventuring and as always, please reach out if you ever need anything or have any questions! We’re more than happy to help however we can!

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